When you’re playing in an online casino, you want to make sure it’s a safe one as it is. However, when you’re gambling with Bitcoin, you don’t want to risk the chance of being hacked and losing all of your coins! How can you make sure you’ve found a safe Bitcoin casino and one that’s fair and fun to boot? Here are a few pointers.


The casino will be provably fair

All Bitcoin casinos are provably fair- that’s just how it is. It’s done so that players can be provided with proof that the games really are random (should they need evidence of this). Some casinos even allow players to get involved with the games in the style of the dealer in order to let them have an impact on the end result of the game, proving the fairness of it. If the Bitcoin casino you’re playing in isn’t provably fair, it’s probably not a safe one to be playing in.


Do your research

Thankfully, the Bitcoin community is an informative and helpful one, and there are plenty of discussions across a number of forums and social media platforms about all kinds of Bitcoin-related topics. If you’re doubtful of the safety of a site, you can google the name of the casino followed by “review, ” and you’ll have a huge quantity of results in seconds. Do your in-depth research, read up on the site as much as you can and only proceed to play once you’re convinced it’s a safe Bitcoin casino.


Look for reviews

While doing your research, search for reviews of the casino. Is there a lot of them? Or is there hardly any mention of them? If there’s a lot of them, the then chances are that it’s a genuinely good site that is safe to use (provided that the reviews are all good of course!). However, if you can’t seem to find much about this casino online, then it could be quite risky. If you haven’t found a bad review, but just can’t seem to find a review at all, then start playing on the site with very small quantities of money. If the site turns out to be a spammy one, it will be a shame, but at least you won’t lose much. Here’s a review for Casumo Casino, it can help you see what to look for when looking at new casinos. If nothing bad happens and you begin to develop a sense of trust with the site, it is probably safe to start playing with more and more money- the lack of reviews could have just been down to it being a relatively new site!


Transfer fees

Bitcoin transaction fees should be next to nothing if anything at all. If you find yourself paying out significant fees for Bitcoin payments, like you would with real cash payments, then you know that something is up with the website and you should stop using it immediately.



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