When dealing with Bitcoin, you’re going to want to keep your cryptocurrency safe- particularly if you’ve got a lot of it! This is going to mean using a Bitcoin wallet online where you can stash your digital cash. But how do you know if its a secure wallet? How will you know if its safe? Here are some tips for finding a secure Bitcoin wallet.


Make sure you have a secure operating system

First of all, decide which operating system you want your Bitcoin wallet to work with- all platforms (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.) or just one of them. Do you want an operating system that works well both on a laptop/PC and on a mobile? Once you’ve decided on these factors, it’s important to make sure your operating system is secure. Make sure you’re clear of viruses, you have firewalls in place and the address of the Bitcoin wallet you’re using starts with “https” in the toolbar. This is a sure fire sign of security.


Do your research

Don’t just select the first Bitcoin wallet you come across after a brief Google search. Do your research! Ask other members of the Bitcoin community via social media and online forums which Bitcoin wallets they use. Read reviews online and see which ones have the most positive and the most negative feedback. A great site to look on for comparisons between wallets is Bitcoin.org. They have a list of virtually every single Bitcoin wallet available online and compare all the pros and cons for you, which is incredibly useful.


Consider how much will be in your wallet

If you plan on keeping a small amount of money at a time in your wallet, you might go for one that isn’t so secure, compared to if you are planning on keeping a large quantity of money in your Bitcoin wallet- then you’d want one with high-security levels. A good way to find out which ones have the best security standards is to ask people with similar Bitcoin attitudes as you- if you want to keep a lot of cash in the wallet, ask a Bitcoin user who also keeps a lot of money on them which wallet they use!


Use an offline wallet

It really isn’t recommended to keep all of your cash in your Bitcoin wallet at once, because in the case that you do get hacked and your coins do get stolen, there’s no going back; they’re gone for good. Use an offline wallet for the main bulk of your Bitcoins to keep them safe. Store this offline wallet on a USB drive and keep that somewhere safe, such as in a safe. It may seem a little excessive, but you can never be too careful! Especially when it comes to a product like Bitcoin which is so highly valued but in a limited quantity.



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