According to their web page, MegaDice runs on an older Nokia cell phone that has been abandoned in the Tokyo metro. This mobile phone spontaneously started to run an artificial intelligence that feeds from the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto, a cute chick which is also Bitcoin’s creator. To be serious though, this online casino is regarded as an oldtime inside the Bitcoin community. It was actually initially made by the BitcoinTalk discussion board user FireDuck in 2012 and later on made popular because of the well-known Bitcoin early adopter Erik Voorhees.

The gambling experience is fairly sel-explanatory. Players select the odds, decide the amount to wager and “roll the dice”. The interface is built very well and is intuitive. Deposits are credited only after one confirmation and withdrawals are instant with a 0.0001 fee. This may need to be higher because it occasionally is too small for withdrawals for getting confirmed in the first block after the cashout is broadcasted.


MegaDice features provably fair gambling. A secret string is provided to the game client in a hashed form right before every bet and they are unveiled instantly subsequently so that the fairity of the bet can be proven. Gamers provides a “client roll” before each bet, which makes it nearly impossible for the game to be cheating.


MegaDice needs to employ a gambling script like Prime Dice and various other websites do. Enjoying a martinggale or another wager chain is simply too time consuming to accomplish by yourself.


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