Few people really know if bitcoin is going to last far into the future. There are roughly 17,000,000 bitcoins that are going to be allotted, and most expect all of them to be distributed by 2017 or 2018 in a process called bitcoin mining. This has led to millions of people that are sitting on large quantities of bitcoins and have little to do with them. Fortunately, more more people are embracing bitcoin as a legitimate type of currency. Major online retailers are actually accepting it in their purchases. But the one industry that is slow to embrace it is online gambling. Oddly enough, this is a highly sought after areas for users who want to use their bitcoin.

Vera John has recently made an announcement that they are going to begin accepting the famous digital currency in their systems. Other online gambling resources have done exactly this, but Vera John went above and beyond. They did not establish a separate area where players using the digital currency can play. They also did not create a separate list of games or different area entirely. They seamlessly integrated bitcoin into their current system to allow users with currency such as the euro or the digital currency to play in all the allowed games.

Vera John has made a risky though calculated move in embracing the cryptocurrency coin to this level. It is not known if the coin is going to have incredible value over time. It may just fade away entirely. But the videoslots machine website is using this as an opportunity to reach into a new market and help supply some of that high demand. Their system is protective so they are not actually acquiring many bit coins live. When users submit their income into the account the coins are automatically transferred to euros. So users can buy in with bitcoin and buy out with the coin, but the website itself is not holding onto them. Follow the 2015 to see if this plan pays off for the daring slot machine website. It will be fascinating to see where the future lies.


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