bitcoin-value-featuredDo you currently like to gamble online? If so, you made have heard of a game called Satoshi Slot, an online game that employs the use of bitcoins as its virtual currency. This online casino game is a 5 reel slot game with 25 pay lines. This game is a great option for those who love to play online slots with ‘real’ virtual currency. This article reviews this online slot game and will give you some insight as to what other players have to say about it.

Upon first checking out this game, one of the first things noticed is how beautiful it looks. With this game, you will not see a ton of flashing lights and colors, but rather you will see some blues and black for the most part. In addition to the 25 reel pay lines, the biggest single line win is 40 times your bet. That is considered huge! Also, this game features bonus spin games as well. Going back a little to the design aspect of the game, for the most part it is smooth sailing. One issue that users have reported is that the game seems to freeze or lag between each spin, especially if the spin is a winner.Free spin bonuses are always a point of interest. For most online slot players, free spins are a great perk to playing, and with this game, the free spins are the same as any of the regular spins, but with a slight twist. If you get three coins on the same line, you will win up to 7 free spins. The twist is that there are additional wild symbols that are stacked, which can make hitting a bigger pay out very real, and exciting.

Finally, the only issue users have reported having while playing this game was the fact that there are delays between each spin. From the look and feel of the game, it is a decent game, but can definitely be improved upon because of the lagging issue. Once that issue is fixed, it could be a stellar game. If you would like to check out the game for yourself, visit for more information.


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