Cryptocurrencies might not be the most popular way to pay (yet!), but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t as many different variations of it as there are varieties of real money. In the same way that we have pound sterling, dollars, euros, and much more different currencies across the globe, there is also a huge variety of cryptocurrencies too. Here are some of the most popular ones.



Bitcoin is, without a doubt, the most popular form of cryptocurrency- and the first! Developed by an anonymous source, that could either be a group or an individual (no one knows!), there are only 21 million Bitcoins available in the world, and this is a figure that will never change. No more can be made, and so that has made the value of each individual Bitcoin exceedingly high right now. Of course, this could change anytime, but it seems like things will only get better for this cryptocurrency. It’s highly secure, easy and efficient as a form of payment and is the most popular digital form of money.



It’s hard for other cryptocurrencies to get their name out there when they’re living in the shadow cast by Bitcoin, but if you look, you will find- and one of the best ones you will find is Primecoin. Primecoin is a unique cryptocurrency because it’s more than just a method of payment; you can do more with it than just spend it. You can also solve mathematical and scientific problems with it! The complex codes have things called Cunningham chains concealed within them which take a very long time to find- yet people with Primecoin can sit down and dedicate some time to doing this and potentially make a significant discovery! This has made this cryptocurrency very popular in the science and maths community.



Dash’s individual coins have such a high value, pretty much the highest value on the market if you remove Bitcoin from the equation. The currency is still being developed, but as of late has been able to make all transactions completely untraceable, which is a huge step forward in this industry. It isn’t very popular with mainstream retailers but is accepted by a lot of smaller businesses online.



Since its creation, Litecoin has gone from strength to strength and done pretty well for itself. It offers some of the fastest transaction rates around, with new information being added to the Litecoin ledger every two minutes. Using Litecoin is a very speedy process; sometimes even more rapid than Bitcoin! It is definitely in the running for a close second to Bitcoin, that’s for sure!



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